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Aiyoo, why Miri everything dont have one?

We from Do What Miri have been living in miri for so many years and wonder, who is famous in miri aa?

Have you ever wondered who are the Miri Famous People (MFP)?

Here is our list of the top 10 Miri Famous People

(Feel free to tell us who we missed in the comments below, we might make another list.)

1) Nabeh! Chellister Wee NaBeh Khiong

Famous for what : The Joker of Miri

Chellister Nabeh Khiong (His Facebook name), Is one of the funniset famous person in Miri! He posts a lot of adults only content on his Facebook that always gets him a lot of attention… He also has a YouTube video that gotten him 14MILLION views that he posted on 2012.

Recently, after he maxed out his Facecbook friends limit, he started his own Facebook page (which is linked here). I don’t know about other people, but his content on social media always makes me laugh and smile especially when im going through a tough day.

Other than jokes, he also creates a lot of content about Miri which showcases what Miri has to offer to his audience!


a small bit of comment:

2) Ah boy

Famous for what : drinking buddy

This guy is a LEGEND, if you go drinking and you dont know him, you probably drink alone, he is the most sociable person in the club! Our “spies” reported that they always see him drinking and having fun with all the leng luis (pretty girls) and the leng zais (handsome guys) in Miri!

3) Angel Chin

Famous for what : Miri Leng Lui

Speaking of pretty girls, who in Miri can not know about Angel Chin! While we don’t know if she’s the prettiest in Miri, she is the one with one of the most followers on Instagram! (with a whopping 157 thousand followers as of writting this)


4) Sebastian

Famous for what :



5) Hii wei sheng

Famous for what : Car, he very sohai in his videos that makes the video so fun to watch, his youtube channel sibeh funney, our cofounder and car enthusiast

the car guy

6) Bruce chai

Famous for what :

8) johnny ting

Famous for what : Food , especially in the miri chinese community (chi zai mei li)


When it comes to Food reviews and recommendations, one of the most well known in the Miri delicacy Facebook group (吃在美里)is this person called Johnny Ting.

Well, we don’t know much about him, but everytime he posts something in the group, his posts always gets a lot of attention and engagements! He might not have a lot of followers and friends on his social media account, but one thing that everyone can agree is that his posts about food and where to eat in Miri are always so influencial…

People are really convinced and goes to the places that he recommends! We don’t know what did he do to get this much engagement in the group la, it might be his beautiful photography skills or his honest and concise review of the food, but whatever it is Mirians LOVES IT!